Water Heater Installation and Repair

Water Heater Repair & Installation

Water heater repair and water heater installation are often put off, mostly because water heaters last for such an extended period of time without issues they are easily taken for granted. However, calling Aqua Star Plumbing for service sooner rather than later can save...

Drain Cleaning Repair and Replacement

Drain Cleaning & Repair

If you have a clogged drain, you should call for drain cleaning services. At Aqua Star Plumbing, we not only remove clogs but also replace old drain when necessary. With our drain cleaning services, we can prevent problems from recurring in the future. A qualified technician...

Plumbing and Home Remodeling

Plumbing/Home Remodeling

For most homeowners, remodeling starts out as a fun project, involving designing and layout options. With plumbing remodeling, you get to pick out new fixtures for your kitchen and/or bathroom that flow with your other design choices. However, when the parts and pieces start to arrive and it is time for...

Fixture Repair and Replacement

Fixture Repair & Replacement

At Aqua Star Plumbing, we offer toilet repair and installation services to help you with any project, from fixing a leaky toilet to helping with a whole bathroom remodel. We also can help you with the...

Plumbing Code Violations and Condo Conversions

Plumbing Code Violations and Condo Conversions

All properties are subject to plumbing code violations, which can be issued for a number of reasons. For commercial buildings, plumbing code violations are typically received during routine inspections, building renovations, and based on complaints lodged against older buildings.

Water Supply Repiping


Repiping typically involves the complete replacement of the water distribution pipe system in your home, including pipes, pipe fittings, stop valves, and supply lines. While the process takes about 2-3 days...



Water leaks are most often revealed by unusually high water bills. Your water leak could be as minor as a running toilet or could be more serious like a leak under the foundation of your home. If you suspect you have a water leak...

Sump Pumps and Sewer Ejector Pumps

Sump Pumps and Sewer Ejector Pumps

If you’ve ever experienced a flooded home, you already know how much damage flooding can cause. Even small amounts of water leaking into your home can lead to thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention hazardous mold and mildew growth...

Gas Line Installation and Repair

Gas Line Installation and Repair

Weather it be replacing old gas lines or installing all new gas pipe systems for your entire home we do it all. If you smell gas you should first and for most get out of the home. If possible and you are familiar with your meter...

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